My 10 travel essentials

I love traveling and now after taking several trips, I have honed what I need to take with me no matter where I am traveling. Each place has other necessities, but these are in my bag no matter what!

1. Skyroam Solis

I only discovered this Mifi device my past trip to Iceland and it has quickly become an essential part of my travels! You can rent or buy this orange circle that uses cellular data in the area and allows you to use it as a hotspot. I can never get my phone to work in other countries as well as it should and I hate depending on wifi when you aren’t sure how good the service is or if the place you are going will have wifi! I have been in a couple situations where I desperately needed directions or an answer or a car! Some phones networks you can pay to use your phone overseas, but here is why the Solis is better. You can connect up to 5 devices at one time. In Iceland, I was able to connect my phone and tablet and be able to watch TV or edit photos and still allowed me to upload photos and videos to Instagram!

Another great thing is you can connect your phone to it and it will charge your phone! I used it all day long and even charged my phone and it was not even near dying!

You can buy it and then you just buy a day pass or you can rent it for the duration of your trip. they mail it to you with a envelope and when you get home, you mail it back! So simple and easy! You can rent or buy here. Use my code JOYGOESGLOBAL for 10% off!

2. Neck Wrap/Eye Mask

Okay, do not judge my pic, I am not someone who takes good sleeping pictures, even while faking like I am below! But seriously, this pillow transformed my perspective on sleeping on planes and trains! I do not care if I look a little bit like a doofus, I am comfortable and I actually slept! Miracle! I thought I would be too warm in it, but while it was cozy, I did not overheat. Travel pillows are great, but you have to balance them on something rather than this which has a curved plastic piece that rests on your shoulder. I could even switch it to different side depending on how I was feeling! And no neck crimps when I woke up!

The one small problem is that though it isn’t very large, it doesn’t fold up. So it is a bit weird to pack. It is still easier than carrying a pillow, even a small one, around! If you have trouble sleeping or are in the middle seat, I would still recommend it! Add an eye mask and you are on your way to decent sleep!

Remember no judging!

3. Laundry Bag

Do I need to explain this one? I hate mixing up my clean clothes and dirty clothes. If I am going on a longer trip I throw in a detergent pod or detergent powder packet and some dryer sheets and you have laundry on the go. The powder is great if you need to laundry in the tub in your hotel room. (Sometimes you have to!) You can get a great one that folds up nicely here.

4. Extra bag

I always take a small fold up bag with me. Sometimes I buy too much, or just need an extra bag for sweaters or any items I may need. I also have it in case something happens to my current backpack. I have used it on three of my last four trips!

This is a great backpack that folds up very small but is durable! They also have a duffel bag version!

5. A great backpack

I have two that I love! One I use daily and one is if I am planning on taking a lot of pictures with my DSLR!

The first one has several great features. 1. It is roomier than expected! I can fit so much in there! 2. It has a shoulder strap so it can be carried as a purse which is handy if you plan on visiting museums or art galleries since they generally do not allow backpacks. 3. It is an anti-theft backpack because the zipper is on the side that rests on your back! 4. It has 2 side zippers for easy access!

I really do love this backpack, especially since it is not bulky and I do not feel as though I am smacking people in the face whenever I turn… which maybe is just me. But I have had backpacks in the past that I feel like are the size of a small country!

The second one is a backpack that is designed for DSLR’s or any electronic equipment. I wanted a bag that didn’t look like I was carrying around expensive equipment! And this one look like a normal backpack, which it is! You can take out the camera bag and use it as a normal backpack! There is a zipper on the side so you can pull out your camera bag quickly. It has a divider so you have 2 compartments, and when you pull out your camera bag all of the items you have on top do not fall down. You can also take out the divider and have a typical backpack! There are so many ways to use this backpack! Other features is a water bottle or tripod pocket on the side, a separate compartment for your laptop, and tons of storage compartments!

6. Luggage locks

These are something that are invaluable. I use it on lockers, on my purse, on my luggage, and even my wallet! These come in a 4 pack and are so handy! They are re-settable, TSA approved, and – what I think is the most important- thepart you thread through is bendable and thin. This means it will fit on almost any space and is easy to put on!  I always travel with a couple for all types of situations. I lock my luggage when I leave the hotel room and can lock my backpack if I want to leave it on a tour bus. I have even used it to secure my keys to my jeans! Just make sure you use some that are TSA certified!

7. Cottonelle wipes

Okay, stay with me here! You never know what situation you will get into when traveling. Even the airport has the worst toilet paper! Some places you visit have no toilet paper at all! I am always prepared! I have been the savior of many a port a potty situation! They have small travel packs. I always have one in my backpack with a few extra just in case! It also doesn’t hurt to buy a small pack of disinfecting wipes as well!

8. Essential Oils

I use essentials oils for everything. For muscle strains, to colds, to cuts, to making my room smell great, to headaches! When I am traveling I like to have at least lavender and lemon with me. I will put some lemon on my wrists if there is a bad smell or just take a deep whiff if I start to succumb to jet lag! I use lavender for smells and cuts! It has natural healing capabilities! I also will rub it on my hands and then smooth my hands over my pillow to help relax me before I go to sleep!

Peppermint is a great option to bring. It can help with tiredness, stuffiness, headaches, and over heating! You can also add to a hot tea or water for flavor. A company called Young Living has the best essential oils! You can get them in a lot of places, but make sure they are therapeutic grade if you are using them on your body. Do not ingest unless the bottle specifies you can. Young living calls the ones you can ingest “vitality”.

If you want a little something extra, they have one called thieves. It is my second favorite after lavender! It is great for colds. It has a great cinnamon and clove smell! You can put it on the bottom of your feet or on your chest! cloves are a natural numbing agent and I have used it on cold sores and toothaches! It does not taste great, but it helps a lot!

9. Quick drying towel

This has been a lifesaver on many occasions. Even if you are staying somewhere with towels, you never know when life can happen. I love these towels. Great for on the go, they are light, they pack small, and – as the name suggests!- they dry quick! They come in so many colors too! Great to take to the beach or pool since they take up so little space and sand doesn’t get stuck in it! Mine has been all over the world!

10. Packing cubes

These are so helpful when going anywhere! whether you are taking a big suitcase, carry-on, or even just your backpack! They are so helpful in organizing all of your clothes! A pack usually comes with three sizes so you can put your bulky items like jeans or jackets in the large size or your underroos and pj’s in the small cube. Then you can stack them easily in your luggage for quick access. On trips that are shorter and I have each outfit planned, I like to have each cube packed with the entire outfit and then I use masking tape to distinguish the different cubes, so I can just grab and change. There. Have. Changed. My. Life!

Bonus: Charging Phone Case

I hate when my phone is out of battery, I mean, who loves it? When I travel, I take so many pictures that my phone is always low on battery. And rarely do places have sockets for you to use! I love finding an affordable, charging phone case. It has saved my life so many times.  I prefer these over external batteries you have to connect to with a cord, because the battery is on your phone and you do not have to worry about holding your phone and the battery or getting the cord stuck on something! A good one should be able to charge your phone at least twice! Make sure you test it before you leave. I bought one for Iceland that barely charged my phone once. No good. I do not want to have to worry about charging it every night as well! Note: they are heavier than a typical phone case. Be aware!

I do not have a link for these since everyone has a different type of phone!

I hope that these are useful if you plan are planning a trip! Please comment with any questions, corrections, or suggestions! I would love to hear from you!


If you want to find out more about me and my travels, head over to here or here. For my travel photos, visit my Instagram page:

3 thoughts on “My 10 travel essentials

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  1. Girl, I love skyroam! They are fantastic!
    When I first travelled, I brought a quick drying towel because it was small and light, and I am forever grateful I did!
    And the charging phone case! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I have so many battery packs.
    Thanks for the tips!! 🙂


  2. Do you have a brand or link to the neck wrap that you used? I tried one on a long flight and didn’t have as much success with it as you did. I’m wondering if I took the “cheap” route and would have a better experience if I invested a little. I also love, love, love a sleeping blanket for the plane. I found one that folds into a pillow which I am able to later use in the hostel!!


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