15 amazing restaurants and cafes in Reykjavik

If you have read any of my other articles, I have impressed upon you the need to eat as much as you can afford in Iceland. I have never eaten food that was consistently good like I had in Iceland. So hopefully you are going to Iceland soon or you are planning a dinner out because I am about to lay out some delicious foods!

Let me just say a general word about all these places: They are decorated so adorably and are so cool. Every place is charming and is so comfortable!

Soup and sandwiches:

Coocoo’s nest:

This little sandwich place is down by the Old Harbour and a bit of a walk, but is worth it. They serve soups/ salads/ and sandwiches and are delicious! Family owned and great for groups, I would definitely recommend coming down for a bite. especially with 17 Sortir close by for some delicious dessert.

Svarta Kaffid

Iceland has this thing about soup. And rightly so, because when it is freezing and raining, sometimes you just need some hot, delicious soup in a warm and filling bread bowl. They have 2 soup options per day and they do not disappoint. This place is great for a quick lunch or dinner and is one of the more reasonably priced. It is so filling and delicious. Panera has nothing on these bread bowls. (Now I feel bad, I love you Panera! even though you got rid of my favorite sandwich… okay, I may still be a little bitter. )

Bakeries/ dessert


Yum! Yum! This bakery is not only super cool, but is a delicious way to have a quick breakfast. It was only a 5 minute walk from my hostel and I walked here most mornings before my tour for a croissant or cinnamon bun and some juice. Not only does this place has great food, it is close to the Hallgrimskirkja ( Do not ask me how to pronounce that!) and has one of the coolest murals. Grab a morning bun and take some selfies. No shame!

17 sortir

This dessert place is just a few doors down from Coocoo’s nest and the cupcake I got from here was incredible. I love cake, but usually pass on cupcakes. They are usually too dry and boring. When I walked in, I asked for their suggestion and then walked outside and took a few pictures and then inhaled the cupcake. Thank goodness I had walked a few minutes away for a picture or I probably would have gone in and eaten several more. Actually, I wish I had done that. Oh well, next time.


This eclectic chocolate shop has candies and chocolate just shoved in and I wanted ALL OF IT! I got some truffles, which were promptly eaten that night. I meant to only eat 1, but all good intentions were lost as soon as ate the first one!


Public house

This was one of my favorite places! My favorite appetizer was these dates with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon and they were just so delicious! And then my meal came out and it had sparklers in it! I am easily bought by shiny things! This is also right in the middle of the shopping section, so it is a great place to eat and then do some souvenir shopping!

Fredericksen Ale House

This is a great place for a burger and a beer for a good price. There were a lot of locals and was a very easy going atmosphere!! For the price, this is one of the best places to go. They had a ton of beers on draft and their selection of food was great!

Brass kitchen and bar

I love burgers, so I had a burger and cheese plate here. So good! This is more upscale the the ale house so a little pricier, but they had some amazing wine deals!

Svaete Svinid

This place translates to sweet pig and has this cute pig figurine out front! This place is just cool. If you want to try local Icelandic cuisine they have a great fixed dinner meal for one flat price. (A lot of places have this option, but I just really loved this place and I have heard great things about their tasting menu!) This place is on the nicer end and therefore a pricier than the places above. But if you have a meal you want to splurge on, this is the place to do it! And their cocktails are incredible!

Snack and Small Meals

Reykjavik chips

This place serves Belgian fries with a variety of sauces. This is not the place to count calories! There is a similar place in NYC which is incredible. If you have never had Belgian fries, this is your opportunity. Though not as great as having these fries in The Netherlands or in Belgium, this is still delicious. And traditional places will not have all the variety of sauces. Get a big cone of fries and several sauces and dig in!

Baejarins Beztu Pylsur

Iceland is famous for their hot dogs and for good reason! They are so different that what I have had in the past! This place, I am not trying to write it out again!, is the number one place! It is just a little cart and you will probably have to wait in line! But for an easy and fairly inexpensive lunch, this can’t be topped! Try all the toppings!!!



This is a great place to grab a sandwich or sit down for some dessert and coffee. They have a small restaurant in the back. Their specialty is their bread! Cute and comfy, a great place to relax your feet after walking around Reykjavik all day!

Te and Kaffi

This is the coffee and tea chain. I recommend finding other cafes and restaurants, but these cafes were really cute and their tea selection was beyond!!! They even bring you a tea kettle! I did not try any of the food, but they had small bakery and snack options.

Kaffi Vinyl

This is an all vegan cafe and I had the best cappuccino I have ever had! I got one with oat milk and it was absolutely delicious. I even bought a second one! This shop was so cute and decorated with art and music and even has music playing on vinyl!

Emilie and the Cool Kids

The cafe that stole my heart was Emilie and the Cool Kids. The have coffee, bakery items, dessert, sandwiches, and juices! I ate there for breakfast and came back for lunch. Every bit of this cafe was adorable, even the bathroom! If I go back to Iceland, this would be my first stop! Every thing I ate and drank here was perfect!

Whatever you eat in Iceland, even the sandwiches from the grocery store or gas station, is delicious. I didn’t name this the best 15 places to eat, because I haven’t tried all the places! But this is where I ate and not once was I disappointed!


I hope that these tips are useful if you plan on visiting Iceland! Please comment with any questions, corrections, or suggestions! I would love to hear from you!


If you want to find out more about me and my travels, head over to here or here. For my travel photos, visit my Instagram page: @joy.goes.global

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