Instaworthy photo spots in Reykjavik

Iceland is incredibly beautiful, there is no getting around it. But if you go to Iceland and do not spend at least a day enjoying and exploring Reykjavik, you will be missing a vital part of the Iceland experience. Spending time in Reykjavik is a must! There are so many great places to see and enjoy! So here is a list of places that make great photo ops!

1. Sun Voyager

This is a classic photo op. Best viewed at sunset, it is beautiful and unique. I walked by this sculpture at least once a day and sometimes there was a crowd, but at night, it cleared out and was easy to get some amazing shots. You can get by it and even climb on it I believe, but I was always headed to bed and was too tired to pull out the tripod.



2. Hallgrimskirkja

Iceland’s famous church. It really is so impressive! I wish I had gone and taken pictures on the inside and even paid to go to the top and take pictures of the city! But even if you just stay outside, it is worth a visit. Visit Braud bakery which is nearby for some tasty treats!





3. Old Harbor

This is a beautiful harbor that has the cutest buildings and nicest restaurants. I loved walking by here after dinner, then seeing the Harpa Concert Hall and walking along the water to the Sun Voyager. It was a beautiful end to my day.

(Note: I cannot find some of my pictures of the ships at night, which makes me sad!)

4. Harpa Concert Hall

Visually arresting architecture during the day, at night this modern concert hall shines. Literally. It puts on a light show that is so fun to watch!



5. Art Murals

I was blown away by how many art murals there were all around Reykjavik. Beautiful, artistic, and colorful- they make for some beautiful pictures.

6. The Houses/Gardens

I enjoyed just looking at all the architecture! From modern to classic, there is such a spectrum of types of buildings. If you find some residential streets, you will also find some of these tiny but beautiful gardens!

7. Coffee Houses

I have already gone on and on about how wonderful the food was, I even wrote a post about it!  But the cafes were just about the cutest spots I had ever witnessed. They take such care of every detail. My last day, I literally went from cafe to cafe and just drank coffee and enjoyed the decor. (I was tired and my feet hurt from 5 days of constant sightseeing!)’



8. Tjornin Lake

This lake is so beautiful. I highly recommend going early in the morning. It was just me and people going to work and some people walking and playing with their dogs! It was such a quiet and beautiful experience!


9. Perlan

I do not have any pictures of this place, because I didn’t end up getting to go! Perlan means Pearl, names for the shape of the observatory dome! They have exhibitions of Iceland’s nature and an observation deck and a planetarium. It just sounded so wonderful. I wanted to go and learn about how Iceland was developed and have a basic understanding of the topography and nature so I could better appreciate what I was seeing. It is a little south and is close to a geothermal beach! You can learn more about Perlan on their website.

10. Art Murals

Okay, I know I already said this one, but there are so many, it deserved a second mention!


BONUS: Cat Tax

I am highly allergic to cats, but the cats were so sweet, I had to give it some love!


I hope this helped inspire you! I hope that this article was helpful in getting you prepared in visiting Iceland or helpful in making you want to visit Iceland! As always, I would love to hear your comments and thoughts!

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