My Perfect Day in Barcelona

If you have the stamina, this itinerary would take you through all the best spots in Barcelona in 1 day! So if you are up for it- let's go! 7: 00 to 7:45: Sunrise at Bunkers Del Carmel. Get there before sunrise! The lighting is beautiful and gorgeous and seeing the whole city is magical.... Continue Reading →

My 10 travel essentials

I love traveling and now after taking several trips, I have honed what I need to take with me no matter where I am traveling. Each place has other necessities, but these are in my bag no matter what! 1. Skyroam Solis I only discovered this Mifi device my past trip to Iceland and it... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for visiting Iceland

Iceland is wonderful and amazing and you should definitely visit! From stunning nature and changing landscapes and some of the best food you will eat to volcanoes and waterfalls and black sand beaches! Oh and do! not! forget! the geothermal spas. You can choose pools, beaches, or rivers; Iceland has it all. But in the... Continue Reading →

How I plan a trip

I spend way too much time researching and planning my trips. I create detailed itineraries and like to know as much as humanly possibly before traveling. I realize that most people do not put as much time in as I do, so here are some quick general resources that I use. As I visit specific... Continue Reading →

Why did I start this website?

I often think of big life changes as a split second change, but I have found that those changes are actually a split second decision- and then lots of work and tears and trials and highs and heartache along the way. I started my Instagram account and this website because I want to see the... Continue Reading →

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