My Perfect Day in Barcelona

If you have the stamina, this itinerary would take you through all the best spots in Barcelona in 1 day! So if you are up for it- let's go! 7: 00 to 7:45: Sunrise at Bunkers Del Carmel. Get there before sunrise! The lighting is beautiful and gorgeous and seeing the whole city is magical.... Continue Reading →

My 10 travel essentials

I love traveling and now after taking several trips, I have honed what I need to take with me no matter where I am traveling. Each place has other necessities, but these are in my bag no matter what! 1. Skyroam Solis I only discovered this Mifi device my past trip to Iceland and it... Continue Reading →

Why did I start this website?

I often think of big life changes as a split second change, but I have found that those changes are actually a split second decision- and then lots of work and tears and trials and highs and heartache along the way. I started my Instagram account and this website because I want to see the... Continue Reading →

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